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We are Lithographic Printers

Lithographic printing is the traditional form of print, perfectly suited to long run work with fantastic colour reproduction. Our lithographic work is produced on modern presses coupled to the most recent ‘computer to plate’ technology. They are run by highly experienced print minders, who have an eye for detail and can produce high quality print work day in day out.

We can print in CMYK, spot colours and metallic inks. For spot colours we use the Pantone Matching System® from which the client may choose any, or a combination, from over 1,000 different colours.

Using the Pantone system, we can match any colour you like, especially if you have a sample. We can then print your corporate colours with consistent results time after time on all projects.

Printing without limitations
When compared to digital printing, the lithographic printing process offers our customers benefits. Whilst digital is more suitable for short runs, lithographic is a much better option for bulk printing and is not restricted to a four-colour process. Both special and spot inks can be added to produce a superior quality print. We are also unusual as a printing company because we produce the lithographic printing plates in-house rather than sub-contracting it out. This offers you instant benefits because it means we can produce your printed documents much quicker and have complete control over the quality process.

Both litho and digital offers our customers options. Lithographic has also always been known as the higher quality option however the quality gap has closed considerably in recent years due to advancements in digital printing technology. However, lithographic printing offers you a wider choice of print materials to use including textured papers.