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Digital Printing - Birmingham

Lichfield Printers offers in-house digital printing utilising the most modern equipment. If your requirements are for shorter runs, but full-colour is still important, then we recommend our Digital Printing service. A small print run capability means you only request what you need, when you need it. This ensures that your printed materials are always up to date.

Costing less than traditional offset, there are many more benefits to Digital Print including personalised print and short turnaround times.

Fast Turnaround
We find that business customers in the Birmingham and West Midlands area are looking for a fast, efficient and professional service. Digital printing lends itself well to this service because unlike traditional offset / lithographic printing, printing plates do not need to be produced. The process involves digital imagery being printed directly onto the paper or card where the pigment or toner is transferred directly onto the media.

Whilst digital printing is not the best option for long runs and the quality of print is not as good as the lithographic option, digital printing capabilities have improved considerably in recent years and a high quality can still be achieved.

Printing Variables
Another consideration is where the print media has variable options. For example, you may want to print the same design but each sheet carries a unique name, bar-code or address (it may need to be produced from a mail merge). In this instance, digital is the only viable option since lithographic printing would require a unique plate for each change.

What is clear is that both digital and traditional offset printing offer unique benefits depending on your requirements and Lichfield Printers offers you both services.