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Laminating Services

Lichfield Printers offers laminating services in-house as part of a broader range of print finishing services. Laminating provides the finishing touch to your final printed product - it can make the difference between a game-changing publication and an item that looks a bit 'cheap'.

Take business cards for example. Print these on cheap card and without a laminated finish and they will be flimsy and tear easily.

However, if they are professionally printed on a heavier, better quality card and for example with a matt laminate, the finished item will be durable, professional and offer a far superior aesthetic appearance. In printing circles, business cards are often assessed by the 'tear test'; if you can tear the card in half easily then they are simply low quality.

Experts in Laminating & Finishing
We manage the majority of laminating, varnishing, finishing and stitching work in-house. For example, you may want a brochure producing that requires stitching or stapling, or a perforated tear-off strip in a document. Virtually all of these finishing services are catered for by us.

On the rare occasions when clients want a finish that we need to outsource, we have a select group of trusted specialists to choose from, and we will happily vouch for the quality of their work. 99% of all finished goods are delivered by our own delivery drivers to ensure that the print we’ve put so much into doesn’t fall at the last hurdle and arrive late.

It is this attention to detail and service that makes us the stand out printing company in the Birmingham and West Midlands area.