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Commercial Printing Specialists

As a successful printing business, we recognise that your company will have printing requirements for commercial paperwork which will fall outside the scope of office stationery. As a genuine bespoke printing company, we can cater for all your commercial printing needs - for example you may require purchase order books, sales orders, acknowledgements and so on. This is no problem for Lichfield Printers - just provide us with your requirements and we can do the rest.

NCR Business Forms
NCR (no carbon required) or carbonless forms, like the name suggests, have eliminated the need for carbon paper between sheets to create multiple copies of the same form. The paper is chemically treated to transfer the impression from the first page to the subsequent pages with very little pressure. (For those of you who are scientifically inclined, the bottom side of carbonless NCR paper is coated with micro-encapsulated dye that breaks when pressed. The top of the second sheet is coated with clay that reacts with the dye to form a permanent mark. When the top sheet is written on, the pressure causes the micro-capsules to break and release the dye.)

The use of NCR forms makes it easier for offices and businesses to create and keep duplicate copies of their written documents. Some of these papers include application forms, invoices, and purchase orders that require several copies for different parties involved in the transaction.

Options Available:
  • We print our business forms on Idem Superior FSC mixed Credit (FSC4) 70gsm paper, colours include white, blue, green, yellow, pink, other paper weights are available.

  • You can also add sequential numbering (maximum of five digits) if required. This would make it easier to keep track of the forms you dispense. If your business doesn’t require you to save too many copies, you could print 2-part carbonless forms

  • Business forms are available in 2, 3 or 4 sheet NCR sets, which can be supplied in loose sets, padded, or bound into a booklet, a common practice for invoices or receipts. They can be padded in sets of 25, 50 or 100 and come with a grey board backing and optional writing shield and wrap around cover.

  • We are pleased to be able to offer other options for your business forms, to make them perfect for your business, including drilling and perforating.

  • We print either Pantone spot colour or full colour

  • Either single sided or double sided

  • Standard sizes - A6 – 148 x 105 mm, A5 -210 x 148 mm, DL – 99 x 210 mm, A4 – 297 x 210 mm