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Graphics - we are Birmingham print designers

From corporate exhibitions to vehicle livery, we produce the finest designs and marketing materials to help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

We use graphics in a variety of formats to get your business noticed, whether from a basic business flyer to modern exhibition displays and roller banners. How you utilise these features to give you added market exposure is your choice. We create stunning business graphics which have a major impact on brand enforcement. We believe in branding consistency and that anything that carries your logo or artwork should be produced to an identical and consistent quality, regardless of whether it is a company business card or an exhibition stand.

The beauty of this is not only do you get a high-quality output with all your marketing collateral realigned for consistency; we can do all this for you in a competitive way.

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As print designers for the Birmingham area we know that even a new flyer to promote your new website can make a difference
Marketing is an advantage...

We live in a competitive world; a world where most businesses are looking to make even the smallest advantage count.

In difficult times, the marketing budget is often one of the first to be cut to save costs and yet the reverse should be true. When times are hard, making your business stand out is of paramount importance and the investment is desperately needed. Thankfully, Lichfield Printers not only have the design flair and product portfolio to deliver marketing collateral which will make you business stand up and be counted, we can also do this for you in a cost-effective way, resulting in an excellent return on investment.

So in good times or bad, talk to us about how we can help you to gain a competitive edge whilst improving your image.

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