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Bespoke Printing for UK business

Normally, our customers require printed materials to standard industry sizes such as A3, A4 and A5 or perhaps standard envelope sizes (DL). This is perfectly fine, and this type of printing is reflective of our core business.

However, we recognise that some customers want their printing to stand out even further and this can involve printed media which is produced in odd sizes. For example, you may want a business brochure that is perfectly square or business cards that are of custom dimensions. None this is an issue to Lichfield Printers - we can produce to your exact requirements.

However. we will also advise you on whether some modification to your design and sizes will ensure that your printing is produced more cost-effectively too. This knowledge and flexibility ensures that our the bespoke printing services we offer you are not only effective but commercially viable.

We supply throughout the UK
Whilst it is true that our business rightly focuses on business in the West Midlands area, we provide dedicated print and design services to companies throughout the UK including bespoke work. We currently have customers across the UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

There is no restriction on the scope of services we offer, and this includes bespoke printing options. We take the same, diligent approach regardless of your business location. So regardless of whether you are based in Birmingham, the West Midlands or further afield, we have a competitive range of printing and design services to support you.