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Business Printing Services - better materials?

It's fair to say that the quality of your marketing collateral is dictated by the quality of the materials you use.

There is a definite trade-off between material quality and cost. The cheapest printing materials will result in low quality output - conversely using the best materials results in media which promotes your company in the greatest light.

Commercially, the sky cannot be the limit in monetary terms but certainly opting for the cheapest possible printing material is a false economy.

A compromise
If you opt for a low weight paper to produce your corporate brochure, you will end up with a product that is essentially underwhelming in terms of the final product and the quality of the print. A heavier GSM is a much superior material. However, we do not necessarily advocate that you adopt the most expensive option; we can be a great deal cleverer than that!

There are a few neat tricks which can give you a high-quality product without having to blow your marketing budget in the process. A good example is using different weights of paper in the same document - for example a brochure or booklet cover could be produced in a heavier weighted paper with the inner pages being a lower specification. This results in a product which feels like quality in the hand and gives the impression it was designed this way, when in reality, it is a much better fiscal combination for producing the product in bulk.

We utilise our knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best business printing services possible. Whether you want to utilise the most expensive materials or need to compromise we will work out a solution which will give you the best outcome and in a variety of finishes including matt and silk.

Generally, our business printing services centre around the provision of only the best printing materials to ensure that your final products are of the highest possible quality.