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Outdoor Sign Printing (Signage)

It is true to say that an old business sign can really date your business. In modern business where every opportunity needs to be taken can you really afford to promote your business in the ‘real’ world with an underwhelming business sign?

Image is everything...
We know from experience that your brand needs to be consistent – not only do your business cards, stationery and brochures need to be in alignment, but your outdoor signage too. Lichfield Printers can produce printed outdoor signs for your business which neatly brings your entire brand together.

We offer signs for our customers in a broad variety of materials and we can also isolate your logo so there is no background. Either way, the signs we produce will give your business some real impact and ensure that your customers are not receiving a mixed marketing message.

We produce our own signs and also partner with other businesses if a more bespoke solution is required; we can also produce the artwork for you. And of course, signage does not only mean your company name and logo. Health and safety notices, warning signs and directional signs all require a consistency throughout your premises.

We can do this all for you in a cost-effective and timely fashion. And by doing this not only are you showing your company in the best light but also differentiating yourself from your competitors too - and all for a modest outlay.